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As the outdoor temperature rises during the day, the heat is captured in the walls, the attic, and interior spaces of your home. This makes cooling especially difficult and costly. When the temperature outside finally begins to cool, the heat trapped in your home during the day can often times make the house uncomfortably warm.  Air conditioning is typically the solution to this problem, but air conditioning is expensive, and getting more costly every year.

The Whole House Fan Company provides you with a great and cost effective solution to your problem! As your home begins to heat up. A Whole House Fan is the perfect way to help keep you cool. Whole House Fans are an effective way to cool your home for a fraction of the energy cost of running your air conditioning, up to 9 months throughout the year.

  • QuietCool users across America have experienced significant savings when they turn their A/C off and their QuietCool on.
  • The revolution is being led by people like yourself that are tired of spending all of their hard-earned money on their electric bills.
  • QuietCool whole house fans allow homeowners to turn their most expensive appliance off and improve the comfortability of their home for just pennies an hour.
  • It completely purges the whole house of warm air inside and replaces it with cool outside air.
  • It purges all the hot air out of the attic and replaces it with cool outside air. Saving you hundreds of dollars in cooling costs.
  • It keeps your home fresh. Whenever you cook fish, burn toast, or have any smells, the Whole House Fan purges it immediately.

For example, in a 2,000 sq. ft. house, the fan will exchange the air every 10-12 minutes. Due to it’s cooling efficiency, the Whole House Fan brings the temperature of your home down to a level that greatly reduces the need for air conditioning. It uses just 1/10th of the energy of a typical home air conditioning unit…it runs for just pennies a day!

Forget what you have heard about Whole House Fans in the past.
Whole House Fans used to be noisy, but recent improvements to the blade design has allowed them to be much more efficient and quieter. They are ideal for any climate, where cool nights provide the perfect conditions for cooling down your home.

  • Whole house fans can provide effective natural cooling for a fraction of the energy cost of air conditioning by drawing cool fresh air in through open windows and purging hot stale air out through the roof vents, early in the morning and later in the evening.
  • It creates a fresh, healthy, and comfortable living environment as it pushes heat out of the structure to reduce your air conditioning load.
  • The hot air gets trapped in your attic and insulation and acts like a large heated blanket that in turn heats up the living space inside your home.
  • The Whole House Fan takes the warm air from every part of your home and replaces it with the cooler outside air. It does this by pulling in the cooler outside air through one or two open windows.
  • The warm air is pulled out of your home and is pushed out the attic vents – cooling your attic as well as your living area.

Lower Your Energy Bill

  • The Whole House Fan Company has been making happy customers now for over 30 years. That means thousands of Whole House Attic Fan Systems installed and millions of watts of electricity saved for thousands of satisfied people.
  • Savings at night – The “attic heat blanket” is gone and a cool breeze has replaced your air conditioner for 1/10th the energy used.
  • Savings during the day – Allowing the fan to operate all night, this “pre-cools” your home so expensive air conditioning does not turn on until later in the day, or sometimes not at all, reducing your energy bill.

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The whole house fan is the most effective energy saving appliance on the market. It runs when the sun is down and when the outside air begins to cool and the inside of the home and walls and roof are still feeling the effects of a blistering day. The fan pulls air through open windows into the home and through the attic, pushing the hot air out the vents and replacing it with the the cool air. This simple process adds several amazing benefits to any home:

  1. The attic, which can reach temperatures over 160 degrees, is dramatically cooled.
  2. The inside of the home is naturally cooled with the fresh, cool air from the outside.
  3. The air conditioner is relieved of duty and the energy costs drop substantially.

The fans do all of this and more by moving massive amounts of cool air through your home and attic when you need it the most. Standard air conditioning units consume electricity at high levels to circulate cooled air, and are extremely expensive to repair, and have a shelf life. The use of a whole house fan drastically reduces your dependence on air conditioning and in some instances ENTIRELY REPLACES IT. This translates into hundreds of dollars a month in energy savings and purge out the stale air in your home and bring in fresh, outside air and make your home a healthier place to live.

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