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" Their crew just left after installing my fan. The whole experience has been great. They arrived on time and cleaned up after they were done. I could not even tell that this was done except for the vent. It looks great and can't wait to use it next spring or on those hotter days. Very happy with the whole process.."
" We love our new whole house fan. We live in the mountains and don't have a/c. It does cool down at night and the fan sucks that cool air in and is so refreshing. Thank you to Kelsey for taking care of us as the Cool Breeze Fan systems who handles the IE for WHfC could not handle the job due to lack of staff. I totally recommend using Kelsey and her staff. The end product was excellent. Thanks WHFC.."
"2/22/2018 I called this company and Zachariah was able to come out to assess and write up a free estimate within a few days (another company I called was two weeks out for an estimate). I asked a lot of questions and he was very knowledgeable about the product and process. I also asked if he knew about the other company I contacted and their differences. He knew of them and explained some differences, but never said anything negative about them (which I absolutely respect!). One thing I can't stand is when companies try to bash other companies in order to get your business. He said only good things about both companies. I received a courtesy call the day before to remind me of the appointment. When the appointment came, they arrived in the middle of the 11-1 time window. Frank and his crew of two guys were nice and friendly, happily answering any questions and explaining things. The installation was clean, thorough, and quicker than I had expected. Looks excellent. The 30" fan is super quiet and energy efficient. I'm very pleased and their warranty service gives me peace of mind."
"We are extremely happy with our whole house fan which was installed a week ago. We had same company install one in a previous home about 14 yrs ago. The price was again reasonable particularly with discounts offered as promotion and as a return customer. They relocated a light in the laundry room hall where fan was installed and paint patched. The fan is very quiet and efficient. I also know from past experience they honor their warranties without question. We had a 10 yr warranty on the first fan and two weeks before it expired the fan belt broke. They came out and replaced it in a reasonable timeframe at no charge. The current warranty is a 5 yr with option to buy additional 5 year. The only negative I noticed is the attic access door is smudged up and will need cleaning and/or patch paint."
" Sales gets 5/5 - sort of... 1. Sales guy Noah was very personable and was confident in a location for install. 2. Install team came and said they could not install in that location because there is a water line in the way. 3. I was able to get a fire-sprinkler guy over to the house to move the line and WHFC agreed to pay. Installation gets 3/5 stars. 1. Very polite and professional. 2. However, they used duct tape to secure plastic to the walls to protect furniture. I said, "do you want blue painters tape?" It was too late and when they took the tape off it pulled the paint too. They touched up the wall. 3. Prior to install, they thought they found an alternative spot to install the fan. He punched two nails through the ceiling dry wall to show me where it would go. The nails were on either side of an already mounted ceiling fan. Those two holes had to be patched and painted. Other than that, fan looks and seems to work great."
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