Whole House Attic

Exclusive Zephyr Blade

The Zephyr Blade Whole House Attic Fan is the most advanced solution to energy efficient cooling.

QuietCool Whole House Fan

QuietCool is the revolutionary whole house fan that has taken America by storm and with over 98% customer satisfaction.

Whole House Fan – Drastically Cut Your Energy Bill! While Staying Cool And Comfortable!

The Amazing Zephyr Blade Whole House Fan

The exclusive Zephyr blade makes it one of the quietest fans available!

Through the advanced design of the new Zephyr Blade we are able to use less energy while producing more power!

A Whole House Fan takes the warm air from every part of your home and replaces it with the cooler outside air, early in the morning and later in the evening, your home comfortable for just pennies a day.

Gives you more POWER on high while being QUIETER on low – quiet enough to sleep with.

The Zephyr Blade Whole House Attic Fan is the most advanced solution to energy efficient cooling.

Advance QuietCool Whole House Fan - Authorized Installer Of Whole House Fans. 

Whisper Quiet Operation

  • QuietCool whole house fans are about as loud as A/C Return!
  • Run your QuietCool fan for hours at a time, even while you are sleeping, and you will hardly remember it is on.

Easy Installation

  • Keep your attic’s integrity completely intact while installing your QuietCool system in a fraction of the time a traditional whole house fan takes!

Industry Leading Warranty

  • Pro Series (Trident Pro & Stealth Pro) each come with an industry leading 15-year motor warranty and are sold exclusively through our authorised dealer network.
  • Classic Series (Classic & Energy Saver) each come with a 10-year motor warranty and are sold through our e-commerce partners.


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Drastically cutting your energy bill. Makes your home comfortable removes inside odors making a Healthier Home